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Database of all Staff in the District by School

Staff name School(s) Assignment E-mail Phone
Baysinger, Susan Firwood Fourth / Fifth Grade 503-668-8005 ext 5611
Boyd, Sandra Firwood Custodian 503-668-8005
Burnett, Noelle Firwood Kindergarten 503-668-8005 ext 5613
Cannon, Erica Firwood Asst Bldg Secy 503-668-8005
Christenson, Sarah Firwood Second Grade 503-668-8005 ext 5614
Cortez, Janet Firwood Assistant Building Secretary 503-668-8005
Espenel, Molly Firwood Library Assistant 503-668-8005
Etter, Sara Firwood Fifth Grade 503-668-8005
Farnsworth, Heather Firwood Third Grade 503-668-8005 ext 5616
Fenwick, Anna-Marie Firwood Educational Assistant/Title I 503-668-8005
Fritsch, Julie Firwood Custodian 503-668-8005
Fry, Jamie Firwood Third grade 503-668-8005
Hamburg, Dana Firwood Speech and Language Pathologist 503-668-8005 ext 5617
Hamilton, Paul Firwood PE 503-668-8005
Henrikson, Janelle Firwood Learning Specialist 503-668-8005 ext 5619
Hindman, Dana Firwood Educational Assistant/Title I 503-668-8005
Johnson, Jenny Firwood ELL 503-668-8005
Lagucik, Linda Firwood Fourth Grade 503-668-8005 ext 5622
Lorentson, Kaari Firwood Fifth Grade 503-668-8067
Lovely, Jennifer Firwood Long Term Substitute - Fifth Grade 503-668-8005