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Database of all Staff in the District by School

Staff name School(s) Assignment E-mail Phone
Adelhart, James Kelso Learning Specialist 503-668-8020
Burden, Jenai Kelso Kindergarten 503-668-8020
Burt, Roberta Kelso Fifth Grade 503-668-8020 ext 5411
Crofts, Teresa Kelso Educational Assistant 503-668-8020
Glover, Chelsey Kelso Food Service Worker 503-668-8020
Hazelton, Marisa Kelso Third / Fourth Grade 503-668-8020
Johnson, Jennifer Kelso Second Grade 503-668-8020 ext 5416
Lackie, Frank Kelso Physical Education 503-668-8020
Lake, Pat Kelso Speech Pathologist 503-668-8020
Lamke, Ned Kelso Custodian 503-668-8020 ext 242
Lins, Danielle Kelso Educational Assistant 503-668-8020
Matulewicz, Dana Kelso Speech Pathologist Assistant 503-668-8020
Meyers, Heather Kelso Fourth / Fifth Grade 503-668-8020 ext 5418
Mickelsen, Katie Kelso ELL 503-668-8020
Mitchell, Lisa Kelso First / Second Grade 503-668-8020 ext 5419
Payette, Barbara Kelso Educational Assistant Title I 503-668-8020
Rutherford, Caitlin Kelso First Grade 503-668-8020 ext 5420
Schaffer, Elizabeth Kelso Educational Assistant 503-668-8020
Schmidt, Sherrie Kelso Principal's Secretary 503-668-8020 ext 5401
Schuldheisz, Jeanette Kelso Educational Assistant/SLCA 503-668-8020