The Developmental Reading Assessment

The Developmental Reading Assessment provides teachers with a method for assessing and documenting primary students' development as readers over time.Its purpose is to identify students’ reading level, defined as a text on which students meet specific criteria in terms of accuracy, fluency, and comprehension.  Additional purposes include identifying students’ independent reading strengths and weaknesses,planning for instruction, monitoring reading growth, and, for the grades 3-5,preparing students to meet classroom testing expectations and providing information to teachers, schools, and region regarding reading achievement.  The assessments are conducted during one-on-one reading conferences as children read specially selected assessment texts. A set of leveled texts, which increase in difficulty, are used for the assessment. The DRA evaluates the major aspects of reading that are critical to independence as a reader.

What is the DRA Word Analysis?

The DRA Word Analysis is designed to evaluate the phonological awareness and phonics skills of students in kindergarten and early first grade and the word analysis skills of below-grade-level readers in Grades 1-5.