Syllabus Addendum for Math Skills


Assignments, Daily Work, Homework                                                         20%


Summative Assignments & Assessments                                                    40%

We will reassess with the ALEKS program approximately every 2 weeks.  Improving you percentage of understood topics will be quantified as your summative assessment. 

(Summative Assessments can be retaken.

Major papers & final exam will not be reassessed.                                                     

Final exam will not include previously unassessed material).


Formative Activities (quiz, project, mastering topics in ALEKS)              40%​


A student’s final grade in this class is a measure of his or her understanding of the standards listed in the syllabus for their math class.


Syllabus for Math Skills                                                                   Period 7


Teacher:  Ms. Aleta Kandle (Doss)    

Phone Number: (503) 668-8011 ext. 7221

Email:, (


Course Outline:

             This course is deigned for students who need additional time to understand and develop mathematical concepts.  In addition to their regular Math class, students will use an online computer program called ALEKS to support and strengthen their math skills.  This is a course designed to help students pass and excel in their regular math course.  In addition to working with ALEKS, students will prepare and study for the Oregon State Assessment Test in Mathematics. 


State Standards:

            Math Skills is aligned to state standards for your math course.  See your math course syllabus for details.  ALEKS is aligned to CCSS (Common Core State Standards) and teaches the necessary skills for the State Assessment OAKS exam as well.




1. Students will be courteous and respectful to others.

2. Do not disrupt the learning process.

3. Students will be prepared for class!!!

4. Show P.R.I.D.E




Cell phones may not be used during class time.  Cell phones may not be used as calculators. 


Music Playing devices will be left to teacher discretion.  


No FOOD or DRINK will be allowed in the computer lab. 


Materials: Needed every day for class!

            Calculator – Scientific Calculator is required for this course! There are not enough computers for every student, so please bring a calculator as you may be working on homework part of the period.

            Pencils w/erasers 


Grading Procedures;


Assignments: No homework!


A minimum of 90 minutes of ALEKS is recommended per week so that students are prepared to test on ALEKS every two weeks. 


Students must work on Math Homework, when not working on the ALEKS program. 


***Some days all students will be required to participate in a review or assessment activities. 


***On Fridays, math practice web sites may be an option (including math games related to the current topics of your math class), IF the student is caught up with course requirements for Math Skills and your regular class.


***If a student works on math daily and is earning at least a C in both Math Skills and their math course, he or she may be eligible to complete other course work one day a week.


***If it is convenient for the student and their math teacher students are ENCOURAGED to review for and retake tests for their MATH class during math skills.



            Once every two weeks, students will be assessed in the Aleks program.  Each assessment will be worth a total of 10 points.  Students will be awarded points for showing improvement from the previous assessment.  At the end of the course, a final assessment will be given in the Aleks program.

            Students may request an Aleks retake test if desired.  If a student shows a very strong gain one week and a weak gain the week previous, the gain will be averaged over the two week thereby improving the student’s grade.

            Quizzes may be given to highlight current or review skills needed in your math skill class (5 points).  Students may request a quiz over a topic they feel they need to review.

            Students needing to complete work sample tasks (scored with the state rubric) may complete one as a 10 point test.

            Alternative assessments may be assigned as needed to assist a student in understanding current or review topics (10 points).  Students may request alternative assessments when they assess the need to study and review a topic.

            Student requests will be honored to the extent possible given the constraints of the course.


Attendance Policy:


Academic Behavior Expectations:
Math Skills is Sophomore/Junior/Senior level course.   I expect that each student will attend all class sessions and will come prepared and ready to learn.  This means that each student will be in his or her seat by the start of the class period with a sharpened pencil, eraser, paper, a scientific calculator and a textbook; and will remain in their seats until the bell signals the end of class.  Additionally, I expect that students will conduct themselves maturely and will respect their own right and the rights of their classmates to a sound math education.


Make-up test/work:
It is your responsibility to make-up the work you have missed. ALEKS tests will be taken the next day the student logs into the program at school.

Grading Procedure:
Your grade for this class will be determined by:


100%  tests, projects, and work samples on which students may not use notes/assignments



100-90%          A
 89-80%           B
 79-70%           C
 69-60%           D

 59-0%             F


Except for meetings your teacher is available to help you before and after school daily.  You are welcome to schedule ahead or you may simply drop by.


School Wide Policy:

Tardies:  0-10 minutes unexcused
10 minutes- end of class: absence unexcused

Tardy Response:
0-2  Warning
3     Call home
4+   Long form



Algebra I for Credit Recovery by Proficiency:


To be eligible to earn credit recovery by proficiency through the Math Skills class, a student must be identified by their Algebra I teacher as knowing a sufficient number of standards and having the workplace skills necessary to learn the remaining objectives by the end of the semester or year.  The ALEKS program will assess the student’s progress toward proficiency in Algebra I.  When all objectives for one or both Semesters have been met, the student will be given a passing grade.  Each semester a student is eligible to earn a letter grade for Math Skills OR a passing/ not passing grade for Algebra I Credit Recovery by Proficiency, NOT BOTH.