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Randy Hands-on training for Board members - Sandy Police Officer Bill Wetherbee and School Resource Officer Armando Olmos demonstrated for school board directors the same Run, Hide, Fight training that all Oregon Trail staff receive. Board Chair Randy Carmony might have enjoyed taking down Officer Wetherbee a little too much!
SG kids, Chromebooks New learning tool in third grade classrooms - Students at Sandy Grade School are using Chromebooks to practice their spelling words. New this year for every third grade class across the district – students are learning to use Chromebooks as a tool for typing and editing their stories, practicing spelling and math skills, and more.
Aaron, CRMS students Our students are insightful! - Who better to discuss curriculum with than those on the receiving end? Superintendent Bayer is enjoying lunch and conversation with students across the district. These Cedar Ridge students shared their thoughts about the new language arts curriculum.


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