This is our main fundraising event that will help us get to our fundraising goal of 21,000.
What exactly is there at the auction?

Silent Auction - Donations from the community are displayed on tables with starting price. We walk around penciling in higher bids until the table closes. At that time, the highest bidder gets the item (and usually, a really GOOD deal).

Live Auction - This fun takes place after the Silent Auction closes.Bigger ticket items, class projects, parking spaces, and more get auctioned off with a wave of your bid number. Not sure about participating? Sit back, eat a dessert and watch the fun, it’s HIGHLY Entertaining!


Fixed Price Items - This is a growing category for us which can include anything from Donated School Gear, student Art, water bottles, decals and more! The prices are set as is - no bidding required.

Dessert Dash - A table full of amazing gourmet desserts are up forbid during the silent auction. The top bidder gets first choice and so on until all the deserts are gone. They are then enjoyed (and often shared) during the Live Auction.


Paddle Bids - Paddle Bidding takes place at the end of the Live Auction. We begin at $500 and work our way down to $10. All Paddle proceeds go to our Arts Program.

Last Modified on March 14, 2013