Family Prepare-a-thon: Be Prepared for a Disaster:

  • Week 1: Create a family emergency communication plan

  • Week 2: Learn about the Cascadia Subduction Zone

  • Week 3: Start building your Stay Kit

  • Week 4: Complete your Stay Kit

  • Week 5: Build your Go Kit

  • Week 6: Build your child’s Go Kit

  • Week 7: Learn to appropriately store water

  • Week 8: Organize important documents

  • Week 9: Prepare your pet’s kit

  • Week 10: Learn OTSD’s guidelines for parents to follow in a crisis

Check your app store for these free smart phone apps:

    • FEMA (disaster readiness & response)
    • Red Cross First Aid


Guidelines for parents to follow during a crisis:

  • Guidelines for Parents to Follow During a Crisis

  • During the First Hour of an Emergency

  • Emergency Communications

  • In Preparation for an Emergency

  • Addressing Security Threats

  • School Emergency Response Protocols