• Facility & Field Use

    The District encourages community use of district facilities and fields, subject to the rules and regulations outlined in the Board Policies (see Step 6 for a complete list of the policies). All use shall be consistent with our general educational purpose and shall not interfere with scheduled school programs or events. A fee is charged for renting a facility and certain guidelines must be followed in order to make a reservation.

    Please follow the steps below to begin the reservation process:

    • Step 1: Register via our online reservation system, known as SchoolDude. Familiarize yourself with School Dude via the links below:

      • How To Request Access To Submit Requests

      • Steps When Submitting A Request

        Click on the link below to begin setting up your online account (in the top right corner of the calendar link):

      • Calendar and Facility Use Login

        When going through the process of setting up your Organization, be sure to go all the way to the end, where you can click “Submit.” Please wait for a School Dude-generated email notifying you that your organization has been “approved.” Note: this may take a day or two to process. The Calendar will give you an idea of the requests that have already been approved in the system. It is important to note that it does not show the requests that have been submitted and are in the approval process. Feel free to contact Chelsea Lincoln Lane in Facilities to see if your desired time is available. 

        Tip: Save the Calendar link in your tool bar, as it will be the same one you use to make your official request upon approval. 

    • Step 2: Submit your request!Once your Organization has been approved, log into School Dude and submit your request. If you need assistance, please refer to the link in Step 1. Depending on which school or area you’ve requested, your request will go through several different people for approvals. There is nothing you need to do; however, your request will not completely be approved until you receive a notification that your request has been “Activated” (not just “Approved and Re-Routed”).

    • Step 3: After you’ve received your “Activation” notice, download and complete our  Terms of Agreement and our Facility Use Liability Release/Waiver Forms (Click HERE)

      Email the above forms to Chelsea Lincoln Lane at chelsea.lane@ortrail.k12.or.us. Forms can also be delivered in person to the Facilities Office at 37555 Bell Street, Sandy, Oregon or mailed to: Oregon Trail School District, Attn: Facilities Office, PO Box 547, Sandy, OR 97055.
    • Step 4: Review our Policies and Fee Schedule (click on the links below to proceed):

    • Step 5: Submit a Certificate of Liability insurance form to submit to the Facilities Office (click here for sample form) prior to first use. You can receive this from your insurance agent.

    Items to Note: 

    Your Certificate of Insurance will expire. An expired Certificate will result in immediate cancellation of your events if a renewal isn’t submitted prior to expiration. 

    Each Organization will need to redo Steps 3-5 for each year, beginning with the fall season. Your School Dude login information will remain the same.

    Payment may be made by cash, check or money order. We do not accept cards at this time. Make checks payable to Oregon Trail School District #46. Please indicate the invoice number of your check and the title of your event in the memo. 

    District/School Closures: When the district is closed, facility use is automatically cancelled. Please click here to register for automatic notifications provided by Flash Alert.

    IMPORTANT Info for Covid-19 Restrictions:

    Users must understand and adhere to Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) and the Oregon Department of Education (ODE)’s continued guidance and restrictions surrounding Covid-19, including closures, where applicable. Groups will adhere to the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) guidelines, the Oregon Governor's executive orders and guidelines, and applicable county requirements, including but not limited to, social distancing protocols, hand washing and sanitizing, group sizes, and mask requirements. The User will take all necessary precautions as provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and federal, state, and local governments. 

    We anticipate receiving many requests for the remainder of the year and throughout the summer break. Before approving any requests, OTSD will review all applications first in order to deliver an equal opportunity to our community organizations. Priority will be given to Classifications 1-3 and those serving the greatest number of students and other community members; however, all requests will be considered. 



    Call the Facilities Office at 503-668-6442.

    You’ll speak with either: