Media Center Specialist



Degrees and Certifications:

Media Center Specialist

Dana Berglund
503-668-8011 ext. 7124

  • Welcome! The Sandy High School Media Center is open to students Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri 7:15-3:15. On Wednesdays, we are open 7:15-2:00.


    Mission: To ensure that students are life-long learners and effective users of ideas and information.

    To support students developing into responsible digital citizens, life-long learners, and effective users of ideas and information.

    The Sandy Media Center and its staff will:

    • provide access to informational resources that represent diverse topics and experiences in a variety of formats
    • stimulate interest in reading and discovering new ideas
    • provide instruction and modeling in information literacy and responsible media use
    • support the school’s curriculum, goals, and reading development

      Discarded books notice:
      throughout each school year, the library’s collection is reviewed to allow us to renew our collection. Some materials that are outdated, in poor condition, or no longer a match for our curriculum needs are removed during this process.  Materials recently removed from the Sandy High School library collection are currently available to the public, and are on a marked cart in the SHS Media Center. The most recently removed items (06/10/19) are all nonfiction, mostly from the reference section. If you are interested in these items, please contact Dana Berglund at 503-668-8011, ext. 7129, or at  to set up a time to see the items.  Removed items are available for 30 days.


    The Drop-In lab is usually, but not always, open for student use during school hours IF you have a pass.

    If a class has reserved the computers in the Drop-In lab, they have the priority of use.

                           Books on a shelf     Book Stamp Card

    *Book checkout is for 3 weeks. Late books are charged $0.05/day. Overdue notices are sent to your student email account. Don’t wait for the overdue notice–come in and renew that book if you still need it!


    Please do not chew gum in the media center or have food/drink near the computers.     

    (WHY? Because I have to keep cleaning gum off the carpet!)

    Thank you for making the Media Center a place that people want to be!No Chewing Gum

    ~Ms. Berglund