Meal Prices:

  • Elementary: 

    • Breakfast - $1.50
    • Lunch - $2.75


    • Breakfast - $1.50
    • Lunch -  $2.85

    High School: 

    • Breakfast - $1.50
    • Lunch -  $3.00


    • Breakfast - No Charge
    • Lunch -  No Charge


    • Breakfast - $2.00
    • Lunch -  $3.50



    Meal Charging

    District students will be allowed to charge meals following the Oregon statute.  Adults and non-OTSD enrolled youth will not be allowed to charge meals.  After a charge balance equivalent to five (5) meals or greater is accumulated, the following steps will be taken until such time as the balance is reduced below that level:

    • Students will not be allowed to charge for Ala Carte items which includes milk.
    • The parent /guardian will be contacted to offer application for enrollment in the free and reduced meal program
    • The parent/guardian will be contacted via weekly automated messaging system requesting payment of the negative balance
    • The parent/guardian will be also contacted weekly a second time via email information of the negative balance
    • Students will not be eligible for participation co-curricular activities, including but not limited to sports, activities and dances

    Also to help avoid significant negative balances; parent/guardian will also be contacted via email as well as letters sent home with student when the prepaid balance for their student is less than one (1) meal equivalent.  The district reserves the right to turn over any dellnquent balances for collection upon seperation of the student from the district.