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    The Welches Middle School library is open every Wednesday. Students can have three books checked out at any time. Books are due in three weeks, but they can be renewed as long as there are no holds. 

    Want to know if we have the latest and greatest books? Or want to see when your books are due? Click on this link to Alexandria and log-in to find out!


    Recommended Read of the Month:

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    Not since The Hunger Games has a book grabbed me and refused to let go. While this book is techincally Fantasy because of some magic, I would say the action in it will keep even those who don't love fantasy entertained, engaged, and on the edge of their seats. Ten years before the story begins, a ruthless king kills all the people who can use magic, sparing their children because magic disappears and the children can not use it after the adult maji are wiped out. Well, now all those kids have grown up and there are stirrings of magic are back in the land. The book is a race between the king's warrior son and Zelie, a warrior in her own right who is one of the first to feel the stirrings of magic come back to the land. Prepare yourself; this book won't let you put it down until you finish it. 


    Oregon Battle of the Books:

    In October, I will begin talking to the classes about Oregon Battle of the Books.  This is a team challenge in which students in groups of 2-5 read 16 books selected by the OBOB organization.  There is a school-level competition in February, and the winners moved on to a regional competition in March.  

    Check out this Google Slide show to take a peek at the books for this year:

    OBOB books 2019-2020

    Here is a link to the middle-school level books this year, and they are all available in the library: