• Yes, the number and variety of scholarships out there can be overwhelming! The scholarships and websites on this page along with our Senior Google Classroom are great resources for students to do their research and find scholarships to apply for! And yes it does take lots of leg work, so we recommend setting aside some time each week to look for scholarships, work on applications and essays. 


    All seniors should fill out the Oregon Student Access Commission (OSAC) scholarship application with over 500 scholarships. This is an online application and should be up in early November, with a March 1 deadline. You don’t need to be a merit scholar or a student with financial need to apply for OSAC scholarships. All types of scholarships are available. Many are based on criteria such as, the high school you attended, your academic interests, your school and community activities, or your career goals. Some require a minimum GPA and others require no GPA whatsoever. There are more than 500 scholarships and you may qualify! But you won’t know unless you apply. Students will fill out their application and browse through the scholarships criteria to select the ones they want to apply for. This does takes some time since there are over 500 scholarships to take a look at. Plan accordingly. 


    Local scholarships are for Sandy High School students only. All Local Scholarship information will be available on March 1st via a digital LINK in their Senior Google Classroom and here on our website. It is the students responsibility to get online and look at the Scholarship Booklet and print the criteria/applications of those they would like to apply to. 


    All private/independent scholarships will be posted here as they come into SHS. Please check back often. All scholarships criteria and deadlines are different. See the list at the bottom of the page for more websites to search for scholarships on! 

    iQ Credit Union Committee's Choice Scholarships:
    Award amount: $2,000 (2 awards)        Deadline: Saturday, March 7th, 2020
    More Information: iQ Committee Choice Info & App


    2019 El Dabe Ritter Scholarship:
    Award Amount: $1500      Deadline: June 30th, 2020
    More Information: El Dabe Ritter Scholarship Info & App


    Live Life Scholarship:
    Award Amount: $500       Continuation Possible: $500 - $1,500    Deadline: March 2nd, 2020
    More Information: Life Life Scholarship Info & App Instructions


    Ervin L Weeks Memorial Scholarship:
    Award Amount: $500 - $1000               Deadline: April 14th, 2020
    More Information: Ervin L Weeks Info & App Instructions


    Scott & Kim Verplank Foundation Scholarship:
    Award Amount: $10,000                       Deadline: April 30th, 2020

         • Must be a high school senior. 
         • Childhood diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes.
         • Successfully managing diabetes with proper medication, exercise & diet. 
         • Commitment to education by maintaining a 3.0 GPA or higher. 
         • Commitment to particpating in athletics by actively participating on an organized team. 
         • Be a US citizen.
         • Completion of application with supporting documents & endorsements. See link below.  

    More information & application: Scott & Kim Verplank Foundation Scholarship Info & Application


    American Chemical Society Scholars Program Awards: 
    Award Amount: $5,000 (350 awards)     Deadline: March 1st, 2020

         • Must be a US citizen or legan permanent resident of the US.
         • Be African-American/Black, Hispanic/Latino, or American Indian. (See more details at link below.)
         • Be a graduating high school senior.
         • Intend to major in chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, chemical technology, or another related field. 
         • Plan to pursue a career in chemistry-related science. (See more details at link below.)
         • Demonstrate high academic achievement in chemistry or science. GPA 3.0 or higher. 

    More information & application: American Chemical Scociety Scholars Program Info & Application


    Gordon A. Rich Memorial Scholarships: 
    Award Amount: $50,000 (7 awards)     Deadline: February 20th, 2020

         • Be a graduating high school seniors who plans to enroll as a full time first year students in pursuit of a four-year
            bachelor's degree at an accredited college/university in the US. 
         • Applicants must be dependents of full-time employees in the financial services industry: commercial banks, investment
            banks, securities brokerage firms, insurance companies, fund & asset management companies, credit card &
            finance companies.
         • Have a minimum grade point average of 3.5 and rank in the top 20% of their class. 
         • Must demonstrate financial need. 
         • Must be a US citizen or legal resident.  

    More information & application: Gordon A. Rich Memorial Scholarship Info & Application


    Women's Cyber Security Scholarships: 
    Award Amount: $6,000 (10 awards)     Deadline: February 17th, 2020

         • Be a high school senior with a GPA of at least 3.3 on a 4.0 scale. 
         • Be pursuing, or plan to pursue, a degree with a focus on cybersecurity or information assurance. 
         • May be a citizen of any country. 
         • Must be attending on campus or online. 
         • May be attending full or part time. 
         • May be attending in the US or Internationally.
         • Winners: funds will be sent directly to your school & will be noted for it to be applied to tutition, fees and books. 

    More information & application: Women's Cyber Security Scholarship Info & Application


    Courageous Persuaders Scholarships:  
    Award Amount: $3,000 (16 awards)       Deadline: January 31st, 2020

         • Be a high school senior. 
         • Create a 30 second television commercial on the dangers of underage drinking and texting while driving.  
         • Students can enter separate videos in both categories. Middle School classrooms are your target audience.
            Videos will be judged on originality, creativity and persuasiveness.

         • Additional details at link below, be sure to read through it all. 

    More information & application: Courageous persuaders Scholarship Info & App


    Elks National Foundation Legacy Awards:   
    Award Amount: $4,000 (300 awards)         Deadline: January 31st, 2020

         • Be a high school senior. 
         • Be children or grandchildren of an Elks member. 
         • Apply only online. 
         • Must have taken SAT or ACT test and have score recieved already. 
         • See additional info at link below.

    More information & application: Elks National Foundation Legacy Info & Application


    Doug Lemley Scholarship:  
    Award Amount: $1,000                      Deadline: March 6th, 2020

         • The student must have a current OSFMA member as an employee of their school or district. (Yes.)
         • Student must be working towards a degree or certificate in a field of study compatible with school operations. 
         • Applications must NOT be handwritten. 
         • Students must be a graduating senior with a minimum 2.75 or equivalent grade point average.  
         • Complete a personal statement as to why you deserve the scholarship. (500 words or less.)
         • Submit a current high school transcript.
         • Two letters of recommendations. 
         • College/School acceptance letter. 
         • Additional documentation or information demonstrating two or more of the following skills: leadership, achievements,
           volunteering, school or civic club membership. 

    More Information: Doug Lemley Scholarship Info & Application


    2020 Student-View Scholarships Program:
    Award Amounts: $5,000; $1,000; (10) $500          Deadline: April 22nd, 2020
    Simply logon at the website below, complete a 15-20 minute application survery about colleges in your area. Scholarships will be awarded by random drawing and winners will be announced in May 2020. 

    More information & application: 2020 Student-View Scholarship Info & App


    Pay It Forward Scholarship:
    Award amounts: $750.00   Deadline: 4/29/2020
    More information and application: Pay It Forward Info & Application


    Oregon Federation of Women's Club (OFWC) Fine Arts Scholarship Contest:
    Date: Saturday, April 11th in Independence, Oregon

    There will be four scholarships awarded in the following areas:

    $1000 - Violet Lang Instrumental Music Scholarship
    $1000 - Violet Lang Vocal Music Scholarship 
    $400  - Visual Art Scholarship
    $200  - Essay Scholarship

    Applications & Information: OFWC Fine Arts Scholarships Info & Apps


    Hollywood Lights Theatre Scholarship:
    Looking for seniors who have a passion for theatre performance, design, and tech who want to pursue a career in that field.

    Award amounts: $5,000 (2 awards)   Deadline: See website.

         • Be a current high school senior.
         • Must reside in Oregon or Washington.
         • Must be on track to graduate in 2020. 
         • Must currently be enrolled in at least one threate/drama class or attend an after-school theatre program.
         • Must have plans to pursue theatrical realted studies throughout college. 

    More information and application: Hollywood Lights Theatre Scholarship App & Info 


    Gresham Rotary Club Scholarship:
    Application: Gresham Rotary Club Application


    Mt Hood Community College Foundation Scholarships:
    Information and application at: MHCC Foundation Scholarship


    Nursing Scholarships List:
    List and more informatoin at: Top 100 Nursing Scholarships


    Foot Locker Scholar Athletes:

    Award amounts: $20,000 - (20 Awards)     Deadline: January 3rd, 2020

         • Be entering college in the Fall of 2020 as a Freshman at an accredited four-year institution for an undergraduate degree. 
         • Be currently involved in high school sports, intramural sports, or community based sports. 
         • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0. 
         • Be a US citizen or permanent legal resident
         • Not be an employee, officer or director of Foot Locker, Inc. or any of its subsidiaries, or a member of the immediate family of such
            an employee, officer or director. 

    More information & application: Foot Locker Scholar Athletes Information & Application


    GE Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program:

    Award amounts: $40,000 - (20 awards)       Deadline: January 3rd, 2020

         • Demonstrate at school, at the workplace, within the community the attributes of leadership, drive, integrity & citizenship.
         • Demonstrate strong academic performance (minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale or equivalent.)
         • Be citizens of the United States of America. 
         • Be current high school seniors attending high school in the United States.
         • Plan to enroll in a full-time undergraduate course of study  toward a bachelor's degree at an accredited four-year college
           or university in the United States for the entire upcoming academic year. 

    More information & application: GE Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program Information & Application


    Wealth Wise Scholarship:

    Award amounts: $1,000       Deadline: December 31st, 2019

         • Minimum GPA of 3.5
         • Major of study must support a career in the Finance Industry. (Finance, Business, Accounting, Mathematics, Management)
         • Must be a US resident. 
         • Must send in an official transcript.
         • Must be a current of future college student. (High school senior)
         • Scholarship must go to tuition purposes. (Will be paid directly to the university/college.)
         • Complete an essay on the topic: additoinal criteria at the link below. 
                   "How the US Credit System can be improved."
         • Include contact information with essay so winners can be contacted. 

    More information & application: Wealth Wise Scholarship Information & Application Link


    Illustrators of the Future Scholarship:

    Award amounts: $5,000 - (4) Awards        Deadline: December 31st, 2019

    More information & application: Illustrators of the Future Scholarship Application & Information


    Greenfield Peace Writing Scholarship
    Award amounts: $500-$1,000        Deadline: 5:00pm on March 2nd, 2020
    Eligibility Requirements: 

         • 11th or 12th graders can apply. 
         • Write an original essay, poem or narrative work of 600 words or less in response to the following question: 

                   "How would an effective movement for climate justice benefit immigrant communities?"

         • Submissions may be sent via Google Form (preferred), email or mail. 

    More information & application: Greenfield Peace Writing Scholarship Information & Google Form (to be posted shortly.)


    Kaiser Health Care Scholarship - information packets available in the Career Center. 
    Award amounts: $5,000 or $10,000    Deadline: December 13th, 2019 at 5pm Pacific Time. LATE APPLICATIONS NOT ACCEPTED.
                                                                          Application Registration Deadline: December 6th at 5pm Pacifc Time. 

    Interviews: January-March 2020. Those being considered for the full spectrum of award amounts will be interviewed. An interview does not guarentee receipt of a scholarship. Notifcations of winners/status will be sent by the end of April 2020. 

    Eligibility Requirements: 

         • Attend an eligble high school. (Yes Sandy is one of them).
         • Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 (weighted). 
         • Are planning to pursue an education and career in an approved human health care field. (See list on application website.) 
         • Plan to enroll in Fall of 2020 at a US accredited college or university as a full-time, degree, or certificate-seeking first-year student. 
         • Proof of US Citizenship or legal permanent residency not required.  

    Selection Criteria:

         • Academic Achievement
         • Engagement in activities: Extracurricular, community service, and/or work. 
         • Commitment to a career in health care. 
         • Character qualities.
         • Diversity characteristics.
         • Economic and/or social disadvantage. 

    Application: Kaiser Health Care Scholarship Application


    Lewis & Clark Entrepreneurship Scholarship
    Award amounts: TBD        Deadline: January 15th, 2020
    Eligibility Requirements: 

         • Current high school seniors in Oregon who have applied to Lewis & Clark. 
         • Applied to Lewis & Clark using the Common Application.

    More information & application: L&C Entrepreneurship Scholarship Info & Application


    Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student (MVS) Scholarship
    Award amounts: $1,000 - $12,500    Deadline: November 5th, 2019
    Eligibility Requirements: 

         • Current high school seniors who are citizens in the United States.
         • Applicants don't have to be related to an Elks member. 
         • Must be a high school senior, cannot be a graduate. 
         • Applicants will be judged on scholarship, leadership, and financial need.  
         • Applicants must be citzens of the United States on the date their application is signed. Permanent legal resident status doesn't not qualify. 

    Application: Must apply online!  Elks MVS Scholarshop Application


    Shelley Holly Women's Transportation Seminar (WTS) Transportation YOU Scholarship
    Award amounts: $2,000    Deadline: 7pm on October 25th, 2019
    Eligibility Requirements: 

         • Open to all women.
         • GPA of 3.0 or higher.
         • Currently a high school senior in Oregon or Southwest Washington.
         • Plans to pursue a career in a transportation-related field.
         • Not previously awarded the YOU scholarship. You can later apply for the Undergraduate and Graduate level scholarships.

    Application: WTS YOU Scholarship Application and Information


    Hollywood Lights Theatre Scholarship 2019-20
    Award amount: $5,000     Deadline: TBD
    Eligibility Requirements: 

         • You must currently be a high school senior.
         • You must reside in either Oregon or Washington.
         • You must be on track to graduate in 2020.
         • You must currently be enrolled in at least one theatre/drama class or attend an after-school theatre program.
         • You must have plans to pursue theatrical related studies throughout college. 

    Application: Hollywood Lights Theatre Scholarship Application


    Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards
    Award amount: $3,500     Deadline: October 15th, 2019
    Eligibility Requirements:

       • Be currently enrolled in high school and graduation in 2020.
       • Have a minimum unweighted GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale. 

    Application: Hispanic Heritage Youth Award Application


    Make the U Scholarship
    Award amount: $2,000 - 15,000     Deadline: October 15th, 2019
    Eligibility Requirements:

       • Show academic success.
       • Demonstrate dedication to community service. 
       • Demonstration of leadership in one's community. 

    Application: Make the U Scholarship Application


    Other suggested scholarship search resources:

    CIS (Career Information System)  is a great resource to explore lifes options and scholarships. All students have a CIS login they were issued as freshman. If your student does not remember his/her login please contact Molly Simoni at for username and password reset.