Educational Adequacy

  • As part of the facility planning process, each school building was analyzed for educational adequacy relative to core academics, elective academics, physical education, support spaces, and overall facility and site functionality.

    The district planning team supports:

    1. Parity: The District started this process by identifying overall goals for each school that would provide parity and equity relative to resources available at each site. The goal is to create a continuity of experience district-wide.
    2. Maintenance: Buildings are at a tipping point where deferred maintenance, if ignored any longer, will cause significantly increased future costs.
    3. Capacity: Our elementary schools, and Boring Middle School, are already at or beyond capacity and cannot accommodate future anticipated growth.
    4. Safety: A seismic risk assessment was taken into consideration as part of the planning process and evaluation of best use of the existing buildings. Secure vestibules, video cameras, card reader access, and perimeter site fencing were completed with funds from the 2008 bond measure.
    5. Heating & ventilation: Issues with HV systems are noted across the district.
    6. Technology upgrades: Technology, particularly at elementary school teaching walls, needs to be upgraded.
    7. Parking / Site circulation issues: Most of our schools have insufficient parking, and inadequate bus loops and parent drop-off/pick-up circulation. 
    8. ADA Restrooms: Accessibility upgrades are needed to support ADA requirements. 
    9. Core Spaces: Cafeterias, gymnasiums, and multi-purpose/commons spaces are not adequate or functional.


    Some of the recommended future changes include the following:

    • Significant renovation / addition to Sandy Grade, including demolition of 1952 addition and restoration of historic building.
    • Addition of classrooms across the district to address capacity needs.
    • Addition of Gymnasium to Naas Elementary (currently not existing).
    • Addition of Cafeteria at Firwood and Kelso Elementary Schools (currently not existing).
    • Enlarging cafeteria at Welches School.
    • Significant addition to Boring Middle School, to provide a Commons, updated Media Center and replace the ‘Old Gym’ with an updated facility.
    • Replacing or repairing failing mechanical systems.
    • Upgrading the interior finishes.
    • Improving parking.

    These items will be finalized through additional community outreach and communication.