Volunteer Information

  • We're happy to welcome volunteers to our schools. Please contact your school directly for information about specific volunteer needs. 

    All volunteers must complete our online application and background check. In addition, volunteers are required to provide proof of receiving the full COVID-19 vaccination, or complete one of the following exception forms:

    COVID-19 Vaccine Religious Exception Request Form

    COVID-19 Vaccine Medical Exception Request Form 

    Completed vaccine cards or exception forms must be submitted to the principal's secretary at each school where you hope to volunteer. 

    Please note: Volunteers must wear a face-covering when working in a classroom or while working directly with students - whether vaccinated or not. Face coverings are not required for volunteering in the school office/workroom, cafeteria, or playground. 

    Please complete our required online application to volunteer at any Oregon Trail School District school.

    Volunteer Application

    Volunteer Handbook

    Child Abuse: Identification & Intervention (no code required)
    Sexual Conduct: Staff-to-Student (no code required)
    SB155: Sexual Misconduct: (use code: 093efff6)

    Questions about volunteering at Naas? Call 503-668-4454.