K-8 Virtual Learning Chromebook Take Home Info

  • If families choose for their student to access school virtually for the 2021-22 school year, but do not have a computer or internet available at home there are limited quantities of chromebooks and/or cellular WIFI hotspots available to check out. 

    Chromebooks or cellular WIFI hotspots must be checked out from each student's school. If a family has students at multiple schools, they will need to communicate with each school office to arrange for pick up. It will take 2 school days to process the request as the equipment must be taken from the school's classroom inventory. 

    If needed, one cellular WIFI hotspot will be issued per family from the school of the oldest student. 


    Family responsibility for school items checked out to students

    Much like textbooks or other school-issued items, students and families are responsible for the general care, repair, and/or replacement of the Chromebook that the district has issued. 

    Families may choose to purchase third-party insurance to cover the cost of Chromebook damages. There is more information on this option below.

    Internet access is filtered and monitored when using OTSD Chromebooks off-campus in compliance with CIPA. Students are allowed to access other wireless networks when they are off campus. 

    Students must protect access to their own devices through the use of passwords and privacy settings at all times and will log on to network devices only as themselves.

    Students will immediately notify a faculty or staff member if they have identified a possible security problem.

    Only school accounts can be used on school chromebooks, used in class, or to submit assignments.

    Students must not install or use any device or software that masks the use of the school resources. This includes, but is not limited to, anonymizers, VPN’s and any application or hardware device that circumvents network security, logging or tracking procedures.


    District unable to guarantee connectivity in the home

    The Cellular WIFI hotspots have limitations and may not work in each home. The district is unable to guarantee a strong WIFI connection in the student's home. 

    3rd Party Insurance

    There are a number of agencies that offer Chromebook insurance for K-12 students with school-owned devices. The company linked below is one example that has been made aware of the OTSD take home option program and has the device information. They offer one year of coverage for $40.00. There is no refund for a partial year. 


    Chromebook Coverage Information  

    Información del seguro de Chromebook

    Example Policy Details

    Coverage Sign up page


    Here is the Chromebook information most agencies will ask for:

    Chromebook type: CTL NL71TW

    Year-round or school year only: Year-round

    Cost to replace touch screen $140

    Cost to replace Charger: $23

    Cost to replace Chromebook: $398